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Hi Everyone,

I've posted more new pictures. I hope you enjoy them :)

Just click the picture for a bigger view. 

There is also a Louis Armstrong song which needs to load - sorry but it's a 2.2 mg mp3 file and will take some time to load.

FrankieG :)

Views on my way from Anchorage to Soldotna - the weather didn't cooperate. Ak1.jpg (32725 bytes)
Ak2.jpg (32360 bytes)
The Plantation North SaksPlantationNorth.jpg (57178 bytes)SaksPlantationNorth2.jpg (54732 bytes)
Backyard View
with Kenai River in Background
Backyard-To-Kenai.jpg (89116 bytes)
The Kenai River
Down River and Up River
Kenai-BlueSky.jpg (29185 bytes)Kenai-Up-River.jpg (35412 bytes)
Me and Brain on the way to Homer Me&Brian.jpg (29394 bytes)
Homer Memorial Homer-Memorial.jpg (19333 bytes)
Scenery on the way to Homer -
too bad it was cloudy.
Homer1.jpg (9765 bytes)
Salty Dawg Saloon
Ceiling and Walls
Salty-Dawg-Ceiling.jpg (59738 bytes)
Fish fish.jpg (30720 bytes)
Moose Poop moospoop.jpg (43829 bytes)
NYC Brian Fighting His First Fish Briancarol1.jpg (37340 bytes)
He got him!!! :) Briancarol2.jpg (43272 bytes)
Brian C BrianC.jpg (39399 bytes)
FrankieG patiently waiting FrankieG3.jpg (29764 bytes)
3 of 14 FrankieG1.jpg (46044 bytes)
Joe Joey.jpg (34523 bytes)
Big Jims Bear Jims_Bear.jpg (41855 bytes)
Salmon in a Pool salmon-in-pool.jpg (57417 bytes)
Salmon Jumping the Rapids Salmon.jpg (20544 bytes)
Brian in front of Exit Glacier
from a distance
Brian_ExitG.JPG (78763 bytes)
Moving in on the Glacier Exit1.JPG (139404 bytes)
Getting closer Exit2.JPG (109252 bytes)
...and closer Exit3.JPG (100103 bytes)
...and closer
(look at the size of the people)
Exit4.JPG (115460 bytes)
Bear Cave Bear-Cave.JPG (220532 bytes)
...and closer Exit5.JPG (99441 bytes)
...and closer
(dirty but still beautiful)
Exit6.JPG (76421 bytes)
Gotcha!!! FG-at-ExitG.JPG (139892 bytes)
The Kenai River Shows it's true color Kenai_River.JPG (73624 bytes)
Mt Redoubt
Anchorage-Kenai Area Volcano
Redoubt.jpg (60625 bytes)
Scenic Alaska 1 Alaska1.JPG (62038 bytes)
Scenic Alaska 2 Alaska2.JPG (67399 bytes)
Scenic Alaska 3 Alaska3.JPG (49002 bytes)
One of the locals Alaska4.JPG (136376 bytes)